April 25, 2008
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PoliceOne Member Photo of the Week:
Racing for education


I run our Racing For Education program here in Phoenix, Ariz. and I thought this would be a cool picture for your Web site. With teen driving accidents being the number one killer for teenagers, I recreated a mobile marketing tool to get in touch with today's kids who think street racing is cool.

Anyway, attached is a picture of me racing in Las Vegas, Nevada in April. I ran a 12.89 at 104 mph weighing in at 4,300 pounds. That's 2 tons of fun getting it done in a hurry.

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I don't always win, but when I get the street racers to meet me at the track for some legal fun, everyone wins!.

Some of the questions I get asked ...
Am I street legal?
Yes, I still take this police cruiser out on patrol when time allows.

Is it a real cop car?
Yes, equipment #511942 was the assigned number and it's a factory CNG alternative fuel vehicle

What kind of fuel do I burn?
Two kinds ... gas and rubber!

6.4 liter stroked LT1
520hp ... 408hp to the rear wheels (dyno proven)
3.73 gears
BFGoodrich 295-50-15s on widened police rims ... no modifications performed otherwise.

For more information about Racing for Education, click here.

Submitted by

Chuck Williams
Phoenix Police Department

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