HercuLoc Announces the New Contractor Series Secure Bed Cover

Herculoc™ Secure Bed Cover - "If a thief jimmies it open, we'll buy it back"

TUCSON, AZ - The new Contractor Series - HercuLoc™ Secure Bed Cover is more secure than a shell. Internal rotary slam latches lock each corner. The cover is counter-balanced on steel torsion springs and is easy to open. Either side or both sides can be opened at once, and you have to pull it down to close it. The truck can be driven 75 mph with the cover raised. It is very simple and robust with no gas springs. The three year / 36000 mile warranty includes the guarantee that the HercuLoc cannot be jimmied open. For more information, visit www.herculoc.com, or call 520-743-7639.

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