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Police Vehicle Equipment Press Release

April 18, 2008

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"SafeBOX" Stops Drug Thief in Las Vegas

Clark County Nevada EMS was having a problem with a local thief breaking into and stealing narcotics from in service ambulances.  When the thief tried to break into a Medicwest Ambulance he had met his match.  Medicwest uses the SafeBOX to keep their narcotics safe when on board their ambulances.  The thief tried for over half an hour with a crow bar and hammer to break into the SafeBOX and the noise alerted the crew who called the police and the thief was arrested and taken into custody where he faces serious charges.  The ambulance cabinet and shelf that the SafeBOX was bolted to received extensive damage but the SafeBOX stayed secure into the mounting sleeve and was not breached.  Seeing how well the SafeBOX protected their narcotics their director mandated that all of their ambulances carrying narcotics use the SafeBOX product.

SafeBOX comes with a steel mounting sleeve and can stay locked when secured in the sleeve and anytime it is out of the sleeve and the key removed.  Additional sleeves can be purchased so one safe can be installed in multiple locations and they can also be order keyed alike so one key can fit multiple safes.

For more information visit www.RTIsafeBOX.com, e-mail  sales@RTIsafeBOX.com or call 800-450-5445 to place your order.

Quantity discounts are available and dealers are welcome.
Response Technologies, Inc.   
317 Richard Mine Rd, Wharton, NJ  07885

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