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Police Vehicle Equipment Press Release

September 02, 2008

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RAM Mounting Systems Introduces Industry First Modular Molded Equipment Console System

Taking a Unique Approach in Development, RAM’s Tough-Box Consoles Offer Significant Improvements on Existing Systems

Seattle, WA – RAM Mounting Systems, an industry leader in mobile mounting solutions, releases an industry first modular molded equipment console system.  Through feedback from current customers on existing systems, RAM was able to offer significant improvements on a line of products that had not been improved on in years.  When questioned about his approach to design and product development, RAM Mounting System’s President and CEO Jeff Carnevali commented: “It is simple enough to create our own version of a preexisting product line although we prefer to innovate and offer solutions that were previously unavailable.  Through the study of existing solutions and end-user feedback, we were able to significantly improve on the systems currently available giving us a unique competitive edge while keeping costs low.” 

Some of the unique designs and features that make the RAM Tough-Box Console system the solution of choice are:

  1. The combination of rugged materials creates the ultimate in ruggedness while achieving a final product approximately 30% lighter than many other manufacturer’s consoles
  2. Unique modular molded console design sets a new industry standard for ergonomics, safety and ease of installation
  3. No sharp edges or corners to ensure occupant safety and provide a state of the art appearance
  4. Unique molded faceplates incorporate tongue and groove feature to prevent contamination of electronics as well as prevents the loss of important documents, licenses and paperwork.  This feature also integrates the combined faceplates to provide a stronger unit
  5. High quality materials, finish and corrosion resistance ensure a long product life.
  6. Product backed by the renowned NPI Lifetime Warranty
  7. Modular design allows for multiple configurations for the installer.  This design minimizes the materials needed for shipping, saving the users money on shipping costs
  8. With a variety of hole patterns and attachments integrated into the console’s design, the Tough-Box Consoles are compatible with a variety of preexisting RAM mounting solutions offering unparalleled versatility
  9. Unique molded interlocking faceplates are rigid and tough and have no welds that could potentially break
  10. With the installer in mind, the new RAM Twist-Lock™ feature allows for quick and easy access to radios or switches making installation, upgrades and repairs simpler than ever
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The ability to identify the need for improved solutions matched with RAM’s capabilities to quickly design and produce product has made them an industry leader.  Along with innovating products, RAM is also a price leader amongst the competition.  The RAM Tough-Box Console systems are approximately 30% less expensive than many other equipment consoles in the industry. 

With years of experience in developing vehicle mounting solutions and the commitment to offer the best possible products for the most competitive price, RAM is certain to continue to lead the industry in mobile mounting solutions worldwide.

About RAM Mounting Systems
RAM Mounting Systems offers a full line of vehicle mounting solutions for a variety of applications.  Much of the product line features a patented rubber ball and socket technology which isolates and dampens shock and vibration making it an ideal choice for mobile applications.  For over a decade RAM has offered products that continue to meet and exceed expectations for quality and performance. Located in Seattle Washington, RAM products are manufactured with pride in the USA and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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