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Police Vehicle Equipment Press Release

August 12, 2011

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New Patrol Power Wiring Harness Layout on the Horizon

Salem, OR - Patrol Power has instituted a new fuse block layout: the Soncell NA layout. The new layout is more universal and user friendly than ever before.

The new layout increases the wire count within the harness from 22 wires to 26, and at the same time making the wire bundle more compact.

"We're able to reduce wire bundle's size without sacrificing the product quality and at the same time achieving a lighter environmental footprint by replacing our now standard SXL wire with GXL wire," said Michael Winegardner, Patrol Power's Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

The new layout, which will be released for sale late 2010, migrates to a wider, more universal wire labeling system, with wires labeled every 6 inches in English and Spanish.

"The new layout's universal wire labeling allows greater freedom for installers to adapt the harness for each build." said Winegardner. "The change makes Patrol Power more versatile than ever before."

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