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Police Vehicle Equipment Press Release

October 25, 2012

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4RE High Definition System Installed in Penn. State Police Vehicles

WatchGuard Video completes 1200 in-car video system deployment

ALLEN, Texas -  WatchGuard Video successfully completed a complex deployment of digital in-car video for the Pennsylvania State Police that utilized a distributed database spread across 91 separate server computers.

A central server computer maintains the statewide database of video data, while 90 interconnected servers (one at every barracks) retain local storage of the actual video files. This deployment enables PSP officials to centrally manage the video data for the entire state in spite of the limited bandwidth that is in place at most barracks.

Following a thorough evaluation of available digital in-car video systems on the market, the Pennsylvania State Police chose the WatchGuard 4RE™ High Definition Wireless In-Car Video System as the solution that would service more than 1,200 vehicles statewide.

The WatchGuard 4RE system met the needs of officers and is a good fit for the Pennsylvania State Police. The unmatched video quality and distinct approach to managing the cost of recording in HD were significant influencers in the decision.

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The 4RE™ is noted as being the first High Definition in-car video system on the market for law enforcement and the first system to provide a manageable means of recording critical police events in High Definition.

WatchGuard’s chief executive officer Robert Vanman states that their patented technology known as Multiple Resolution Recording, “allows the agency to define recording quality based on what type of event occurred. Critical events are stored in HD, while routine events can be stored in a lower standard definition. This key feature provides the State Police with the ability to control server and storage costs over the long term.”

For more information on WatchGuard Video, or the 4RE™, visit www.watchguardvideo.com.

About WatchGuard Video
Founded in 2002, WatchGuard Video has become the worldwide leader of law enforcement in-car video systems. Headquartered in Allen, Texas, the company staffs the industry’s largest Research and Development department and has invested more than $25 million specifically into the development of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement. The company’s DV-1™, CopVu™ and 4RE™ are available for demonstration and evaluation. Visit www.WatchGuardVideo.com

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