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 - The PoliceOne Prisoner Transport product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Prisoner Transport products. It covers partitions, door and window panels, seats and restraints, and prisoner control devices.
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Spotlight: Deliver prisoner compliance with the Stun-Cuff
Company Name: Stun-Cuff Headquarters: Denver, CO Signature Product: Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus with DataPort System Website: Intro: All too frequently we hear disturbing reports of ...

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The ready buckle solves a lot of problems with a simple click.

Mac's Lift Gate Inc. is proud to introduce the FIRST Prison Transport Lift System available...

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  • Prisoner Transport Vans Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    Requesting information regarding prisoner tranport vans. The Grand Rapids Police Department (MI) is looking at options and cost of prisoner transport vans ...

  • K9 and Prisoner Transport

    Does anyone have any information on K9 and prisoner transport? My agency is in the process purchasing new cages for vehicle, and I would like to have the ...

  • Vehicle Prisoner Transport Rear Seat

    I'm looking for a patrol vehicle prisoner transport seat that will accomidate three prisoners. The ones I'm seeing in the trade magizines are build to seat ...

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