Video: Chevrolet Caprice vies to be new top cop car

As the Crown Vic enters retirement, agencies are looking for other options

By PoliceOne Staff

As the Crown Vic enters retirement, Chevrolet wants to make their Caprice PPV police agencies' first choice for a cruiser, according to a press release.

"Police cars not only require a bullet proof design, they also have to be able to accelerate quickly and come to a grinding halt promptly," the release stated. "In addition, they also need to be durable to withstand the test of time and miles."

The Caprice PPV underwent a battery of tests at a police vehicle testing facility, and Chevrolet says their vehicle is not just more comfortable than other cruisers, but it was built with cops in mind.

"A police vehicle needs to be built from the ground up for cops specifically," Lt. Noel Clason of the Broomfield Hills Police Department said. Among the law-enforcement specific characteristics of the Caprice PPV is a tool that allows the vehicle to shift faster, aiding in pursuits.

Watch the video below for an in-depth look at the car.

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