Police patrol silently on electric motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles got direct input from police agencies around the globe

By PoliceOne Staff

A new line of electric motorcycles made specifically for police will help officers patrol better and more quietly while reducing emissions, the manufacturers say.

The nearly silent 2012 Zero DS from Zero Motorcycles is said to ”open up new patrolling possibilities” when applied to drug enforcement, burglaries or other situations where the absence of a motorcycle’s usual roaring can be advantageous.

The bike’s two configurations — 6-Kwh and 9-Kwh — charge in eight or nine hours, which allows for driving distances of 70 or 112 miles, respectively. Impatient users can purchase a quick-charge kit, which significantly reduces that time.

The company has worked with agencies around the globe, from Santa Cruz, Calif., to London to get input on how to best serve police. There are no gears, no shifting and instant torque from 0 rpm, which representatives say makes for easy maneuvering through busy streets. 

The 6-Kwh model starts at just under $16,000, with maintenance costs reportedly nil. Since it's electric, 'fuel' costs are about a penny per mile.

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