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Patrol Cars

 - The PoliceOne Patrol Cars product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Patrol Cars. It covers various law enforcement fleets, including those manufactured by Ford, Chrysler and Dodge.
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Competition heating up for new police cruisers
Ford Motor Co. wants to remain the top gun in the U.S. police car market with a new cruiser due out next year, but its competitors are in hot pursuit.

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Introducing the next generation Police Interceptor Utility model from Ford. Built to protect...

Angel Armor Ballistic Door Panels provide law enforcement an advantage with protective technologies...

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  • K-9 Squad Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    We are currently in the process of selecting a vehicle to use as our K-9 squad. We've gone back and forth about purchasing a Utility Interceptor or an Expedition ...

  • New All Wheel Drive Ford's Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    My agency has started replacing our old Crown Vic's with the new all when drive interceptors. I've read Ford is not recommending any additional training ...

  • Patrol vehicle grants

    Are there any grants available for purchasing patrol cars?

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