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September 21, 2009

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Carroll County Sheriff's Office Cuts Costs Without Cutting Services by Implementing Propane Fuel Conversions

Pendergrass, Georgia – The Carroll County Sheriff's Department located in Carrollton, Georgia converted six of the department's patrol cars to hybrid propane vehicles. The conversion installs a separate propane fuel system allowing the vehicles to operate on propane fuel, also known as propane AutoGas, or with traditional gasoline.

Chief Deputy Brad Robinson, Carroll County Sheriff's Department, was involved in the evaluation and approval process to implement hybrid propane fuel conversions. According to Chief Deputy Robinson, "The department decided to convert to propane because high gas prices caused budget problems and affected the ability to maintain the fleet. We explored options to cut costs without cutting services."

Chief Deputy Robinson's father was in the propane industry in the 1970's and he was familiar with the various uses for propane fuel. He recently noticed an article about the Jackson County Georgia Sheriff's Department and contacted the law enforcement agency to discuss their use of hybrid propane fuel conversions.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Department has installed its own propane fuel tank for easy re-fueling. Chief Deputy Robinson commented about the outcome of the conversions stating, "We look forward to saving on fuel costs and the vehicles run much cleaner which will also save on oil changes."

Force 911, a law enforcement vehicle outfitter located in northeast Georgia provided the vehicle conversions. By utilizing a separate fuel tank and Vapor Sequential Injection (VSI) components, the system is installed into the vehicle without altering the existing fuel system. Wayne Abbs, President of Force 911, said "We've received a lot of interest from law enforcement agencies about this technology. As departments look for ways to save money due to tighter budgets, hybrid propane fuel conversions are a way to reduce their fuel costs, extend the life of their vehicles and do something good for the environment."

Propane AutoGas is an approved alternative energy as stated in the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Vehicles operating with propane AutoGas produce 28% less carbon monoxide than gasoline engines. 90% of propane AutoGas is produced domestically in the United States.

About Carroll County
Carroll County is located in the west central section of Georgia on the Georgia-Alabama state line and is approximately 49 miles west of downtown Atlanta. Carroll County has a population of 106,965 (2006 U.S. Census Bureau). The county seat is located in the city of Carrollton. The county continues to be an agricultural leader, with the largest cattleman's association in the state and is also a major poultry producer.

About Force 911
Force 911 is a single source provider of police and public service vehicle outfitting including hybrid propane fuel conversions. Force 911 offers K9 transport systems, prisoner transport units, equipment installation, department graphics and other services. Force 911 has 19 installation and service locations in Georgia and Alabama. Force 911 is a partner of Alliance AutoGas, an integrated network of clean fueling, vehicle conversion and high-performance technical expertise. For more information about Force 911, please visit www.force911.com or call 678-919-7911.

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