Dealing with tinted windows & decreasing flight opportunity

style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">When making a traffic stop on a vehicle with dark tinted windows I order the driver to roll all of the windows down so I can see inside. Depending on the reason for the stop, I will also have him remove the keys from the ignition and place them on the roof. I spotted a suspicious vehicle once that was doing the “numerous turns” routine in an obvious attempt to shake me, which only made me more curious about what he was up to. When I decided to stop him I ordered him to put his keys on the roof prior to exiting my patrol car. As soon as I gave the order he accelerated and fled. Although our chase policy prevented me from "following" him further, I had a much quicker response to his fleeing than I would have if I had exited my car and just approached his vehicle.

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