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Police Personal Protective Equipment Press Release

June 01, 2005

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Draeger Safety Announces the SCBA-G, Designed For Long-duration Breathing Protection

SCBA-G Today’s Emergency Responders need to be prepared for the unexpected. Draeger’s SCBA-G provides them with the versatility to meet evolving threats with long-duration breathing protection.

The SCBA-G is a modular combination SCBA/PAPR designed to provide longduration breathing protection to Emergency Responders. Utilizing proven, tested technology, the SCBA-G is ideal for missions requiring long entry/ egress or involve unknown elements that may require more or less protection. Without exposure to the environment, the user chooses the level of protection — compressed or filtered air.


  • Draeger AirBoss PSS100 SCBA
  • SafetyTech C420 PAPR technology
  • New combination mask that enables positive or negative pressure modes
  • Modular design providing the option of a standard, stand alone SCBA or CBA (Combination Breathing Apparatus)
  • Live-agent tested, proven COTS

For more information, please call 412-787-8383 or visit www.draeger.com

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