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The Police Recruiting topic provides resources and tips for those charged with recruiting the department's next generation of great cops. From improving existing hiring strategies to using new technologies and tools such as Facebook and social networking, this section features a wide range of information.
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March 25, 2013

Mass. police broadcast 'what it takes to be a cop'

Videos that debut on the department's social media pages show what the life of a cop is like for aspiring recruits - Full Story
October 17, 2012

UK police chief bans tattoos on officers

Crime victims complained that some of the force's young officers appeared "thuggish" - Full Story
October 16, 2012
Okla. police recruit dies from injury at academy

Okla. police recruit dies from injury at academy

Oklahoma City Police said no firearms were involved in the incident - Full Story
August 29, 2012

Police recruitment a challenge nationally, expert says

Large departments often struggle to find recruits who can meet the customer service aspect of a modern police officer's role - Full Story
July 11, 2012

'Terrifying' police recruitment video goes viral

Two police recruitment videos are creating a buzz for the way they portray their cities - Full Story
June 24, 2012

Detroit chief signs order to beef up reserves

Reservists will help out with special details like traffic control, and conduct foot patrols - Full Story
June 11, 2012

Hasidic Jew kicked from NYPD academy over beard length

NYPD recruit believes cutting his beard is forbidden by God - Full Story
May 31, 2012

Calif. police department to boost numbers

A new budget allows for more academy classes, job candidates - Full Story
May 20, 2012

Maine police departments have difficulty recruiting officers

Law enforcement agencies across the state report they are having difficulty in finding applicants who want to become police officers and who can make it through the multistep hiring process - Full Story
May 09, 2012

Maine police recuit with video

Chief says more departments across the country are turning to social media to recruit new officers - Full Story

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