LWTS honorable mentions: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Today’s honorable mention goes to Lt. Col. Dave Grossman for all he does to support, encourage, and teach the wWarriors of law enforcement. We recognize him here also for writing his outstanding book, On Combat, which empowers officers to meet the demands of the job with a Warrior mindset and teaches officers how to live with the aftermath of combat.

Every law enforcement officer — and their families — should read On Combat. Check out Grossman’s websites at KillologyGroup and WarriorScienceGroup.

Honorable Mentions serves as a way for the Living with the Sacrifice column to relate the inspirational stories I receive through your emails and recognize those who are supporting injured and disabled officers. Please email me with your stories or nominations for an Honorable Mention in the Living with the Sacrifice column.

Qualifications for an honorable mention include:

1.) Any activity by an officer, department, agency, citizen, or family member that assists injured and disabled officers and/or their families.
2.) An injured (currently or previously) or disabled officer who continues to protect and serve the community or their fellow injured and disabled officers.


About the author

Barbara A. Schwartz retired after 30 years with NASA in Houston where she worked in Mission Control and Astronaut Training. She is a former reserve officer serving in patrol and investigations. She has been writing about law enforcement officers since 1972 and has been a contributing feature writer for American Police Beat for the past 10 years. Her articles and book reviews have also appeared in Command, The Tactical Edge, Crisis Negotiator Journal, The Badge & Gun, The Harris County Star, The Blues, and The Police News.

Schwartz earned a degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University with electives in Criminal Justice and Criminology. She helped fund her education by working for the campus police department.

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