Video: What it takes to be a police dog

One K-9's training was put to the test as he chased down a suspect in Phoenix and kept him on the ground

Fox 10 Phoenix

PHOENIX — Police K9's are a vital part in helping keep bad guys off the streets. Police often rely on the help of their canine partner to get a suspect in custody.

During a recent high speed chase in Houston, one dog's training was put to the test as he chased down a suspect on the run. He helped keep the suspect on the ground while officers got him under control.

So, what do dogs need to do to become professionals?

Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies and police officers had a training for K9's on Thursday.

The dogs start training when they're 18 months to 2-years-old and go through an eight week academy to become police K9's.

The K9 training in the video is a Czechoslovakian shepherd imported from Europe.

The dogs aren't trained to kill, they're used to bring down suspects in a less lethal way and act as a deterrent.

The dogs live at home with the deputies and whenever the deputies go to work, they go with them.

Police dog retire at around 9 or 10-years-old. At that time, handlers have the option of keeping the dog and rarely say no.

Reprinted with permission from Fox 10 Phoenix

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