Reality Training: Cop calmly describes his assailant, 'Shots fired. I'm hit'

Despite taking two rounds to his vest and one which tore into his abdomen, Officer David Wagoner of the Cape Coral (Fla.) Police Department calmly described his assailants as they sped off

Almost exactly a year ago, Cape Coral (Fla.) Police Department released dash-cam video of Officer David Wagoner taking fire from a man in the passenger seat of a vehicle he’s just stopped.

Like so many cops patrolling our streets, Officer Wagoner was working alone when he conducted this stop, and had only his armor and his training to protect him when the sudden and unprovoked attack occurred. 

Despite taking two rounds to his vest and one which tore into his abdomen, Wagoner calmly described his assailants as they sped off. The gunman now faces charges of first-degree murder, but Officer Wagoner — recovered from his wounds — is back out on patrol. Check out the video and consider some training questions below.

Do you wear body armor every time you go out on patrol?
Do you regularly practice autogenic breathing that can enable you to remain calm in crisis?
Do you engage in positive self-talk and when/then thinking for every traffic stop you make?
Do think you could one day be in Officer Wagoner’s shoes — working alone and coming under fire?
Do you have specific teaching points you’d make to a rookie officer watching this video at your side?

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