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Police Trainers

Police Trainers

The Police Trainers topic helps trainers keep up with the latest training methods and ideas being tried across the country, and is an invaluable resource for any officer who wants to add the word “trainer” to the resume. For the police trainer, passing along the knowledge gained over a long and successful career is often the only thing “better” than being a cop on the street.
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July 26, 2012

Texas police train citizens in active shooter response

The program is led by qualified Lubbock officers who tailor the training to specific needs of individual venues - Full Story
June 22, 2012

Video: NYPD demonstrates stop and frisk for reporters

Police officials say the crimefighting tactic is instrumental in keeping guns off the street and reducing the murder rate - Full Story
June 21, 2012
NYPD officers retrained on street stops policy

NYPD officers retrained on street stops policy

Police have retooled training in response to growing public criticism - Full Story
June 16, 2012

Calif. drill an eerie reflection of recent events

The Coastal Trident 2012 exercise, which combined drug interdiction and counterterrorism efforts was planned long before a rash of drug-smuggling incidents - Full Story
June 15, 2012

Tenn. agencies consider sites for shared training facility

Officials hope to construct a facility that would cost between $3 million to $4 million and include 25 stalls for officers to qualify in firearms - Full Story
June 08, 2012

'Lawbreakers' to fund Miss. sheriff's firing range

Deosto County budget allows for new training facility, raises for officers - Full Story
June 07, 2012

NC officers learn how to handle Sovereign Citizens

Sovereign Citizens refuse to acknowledge officers' authority - Full Story
April 02, 2012

NM police, Autism team train together

Red Alert and Autism Training was designed to teach LE the physical signs, similarities and differences of children who live with such conditions - Full Story
March 02, 2012

La. sheriff sorry reporter's photo used for target practice

By PoliceOne Staff NEW ORLEANS — A sheriff apologized for using a reporter's photo for target... - Full Story
February 24, 2012

Video of man nearly shot by police shown in UK schools

Officers' encounter with a man whose weapon was thought to be real used in presentation to discourage gun crime, gangs - Full Story

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