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Police Trainers

Police Trainers

The Police Trainers topic helps trainers keep up with the latest training methods and ideas being tried across the country, and is an invaluable resource for any officer who wants to add the word “trainer” to the resume. For the police trainer, passing along the knowledge gained over a long and successful career is often the only thing “better” than being a cop on the street.
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Acie Mitchell: Sucker Punch Countermeasures Secure - Login Required

Acie Mitchell, founder of T.N.T. Defense Systems, discusses how to respond to a spontaneous attack called the sucker punch. He demonstrates the proper way to react to this violent and agressive method of attack and stresses the importance of being ready.
Acie Mitchell: Sucker Punch Countermeasures


Ron Council: Setting Up and Training with Your Patrol Rifle

Dave Smith talks with Ron Council, Firearms Instructor at Palm Beach Gardens P.D. Ron believe officers and patrol deputies should have rifles in order to equalize forces and improve their abilities when meeting a threat. Dave and Ron discuss the benefits of patrol rifles which include scopes that enable consistent, long distance, precision shots.


P1 Photo of the Week: In Nairobi, Kenya PoliceOne Members - Photo of the Week

P1 Photo of the Week: In Nairobi, Kenya

(PoliceOne Image) This week’s photo is from PoliceOne Member Gitahi Kanyeki — a law officer in Nairobi, Kenya. Kanyeki ... - Full Story


Don Alwes: Long Gun Options for Women on Patrol

Betsy Brantner-Smith sits down with Don Alwes to talk about purchasing patrol rifles for women. Some women can be intimidated by purchasing rifles. Don discusses the benefits of using a patrol rifle and what factors to look for when making that purchasing decision.


Ryan Spurling: Female Search and Seizure

Many officers are reluctant to search females due to fear of complaints or lawsuits. In this video, Corporal Ryan Spurling of the Washington State Patrol Academy demonstrates techniques for searching women that help officers differentiate between legal searches and sexual contact.


Illegitimi non carborundum! Lt. Dan Marcou - Blue Knights

Illegitimi non carborundum!

After a suspect tried to wrest one cop’s duty weapon from its holster, his backup shot the suspect, ending the confrontation — but the fight was still on, in the courts, in the legislature, on the Internet - Full Story


A simple way to improve your report writing John Bowden - On Language, Communication, and Leadership

A simple way to improve your report writing

What does police report writing have in common with "the beautiful people?" - Full Story


P1 First Person: Operational risk management and training safety protocols PoliceOne Special Contributors - P1 First Person

P1 First Person: Operational risk management and training safety protocols

By AnonymousTake a moment to read this article, then come back here and read what I think about it.Let’s talk about Operational Risk Management &mdash... - Full Story


French cops training K-9s

These clips feature police officers in France training and testing an impressively fast and aggressive K-9 unit.
BLUtube is powered by PoliceOne.com


When a cop throws a punch to the face Ed Flosi - Taking Training to the Next Level

When a cop throws a punch to the face

The use of body weapons is an important part of any defensive tactics training, but there are some downsides to consider - Full Story

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