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Police Trainers

Police Trainers

The Police Trainers topic helps trainers keep up with the latest training methods and ideas being tried across the country, and is an invaluable resource for any officer who wants to add the word “trainer” to the resume. For the police trainer, passing along the knowledge gained over a long and successful career is often the only thing “better” than being a cop on the street.
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Chief Tim Goergen: Building a Police Organization with a Mentoring Approach

Dave Smith talks with Police Chief Tim Goergen about the tough task of replacing a police Chief in the instance that something may happen to the Chief or the Chief may retire. He discusses how to come up with a transition plan and the best way to mentor and train the incoming Chief. It is essential to look at this with a mentoring mentality in order to continue to build a strong organization.


The warrior and the merchant: Define who you are Ron Avery - The PoliceOne Firearms Corner

The warrior and the merchant: Define who you are

Warrior! The word has caught on in everyday speech and has been applied to sports figures, articles of clot... - Full Story


What terrorist watch list? Chris Ghannam - Warriors on the Streets

What terrorist watch list?

Stop apologizing for profiling and start educating our nation - Full Story


Cops and kids: 3 keys to dealing with Betsy Brantner Smith - Survival Insights

Cops and kids: 3 keys to dealing with "out of control" children

Many parents just don’t know how to deal with an unruly or uncooperative child — all too often, that responsibility falls to police - Full Story


NJ cops get new training in vehicle versus pedestrian accidents

Lucas K. Murray Gloucester County TimesCLEMENTON, N.J. — "Skippy" never had a chance.... - Full Story


Body Language: Detecting Deceit Secure - Login Required

Law enforcement expert Jim Glennon explains how to pick up signs when communicating with people. The key is to read the signs in order to determine whether a suspect is lying, telling the truth, or hiding something. Jim takes a look at a few different scenarios and points out the key indicators to look for in order to stay alert and safe on the job.
Body Language: Detecting Deceit


P1 First Person: Cuffing under power PoliceOne Special Contributors - P1 First Person

P1 First Person: Cuffing under power

By Sgt. Edward Flosi San Jose (Calif.) Police DepartmentRecently our Training Unit staff was asked by our c... - Full Story


Controlling fear and facing danger Dave Grossi - Tactics & Training

Controlling fear and facing danger

Do warriors experience fear? You bet they do, but a warrior is trained to overcome that fear and forge ahead - Full Story


Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief - Be Advised...

Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial

Preventing juvenile mass murder in American schools is the job of police officers, school teachers, and concerned parents - Full Story


Some of the best things in life are free Lt. Dan Marcou - Blue Knights

Some of the best things in life are free

The High Risk Entry Facilities (HREF) at the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center offer world-class SWAT training for free to officers and agencies - Full Story

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