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Police Trainers

Police Trainers

The Police Trainers topic helps trainers keep up with the latest training methods and ideas being tried across the country, and is an invaluable resource for any officer who wants to add the word “trainer” to the resume. For the police trainer, passing along the knowledge gained over a long and successful career is often the only thing “better” than being a cop on the street.
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2009 CNOA Training Conference: Bob Pennal

Retired Special Agent Supervisor, Bob Pennal, sits down with Doug Wyllie at this year's CNOA Conference to discuss the Laboratory Safety Class that he teaches. When officers are dealing with drugs and unknowns it is very important that they understand certain signs and recognize hazards before making a potentially life-threatening mistake.


2009 CNOA Training Conference Presents: Tony Ybarra

PoliceOne Senior Editor, Doug Wyllie, sits down with Tony Ybarra at the 2009 CNOA Conference. Tony is a facilitator for the Narcotic Unit Commander Workshop, which is for newly promoted or newly assigned Narcotic Unit Commanders. He trains officers to make sound decisions, while maintaining the integrity of their units.


2009 CNOA Training Conference: Tony Alvarez

PoliceOne Senior Editor, Doug Wyllie, sits down with retired LA police officer, Tony Alvarez, at the 2009 CNOA Conference. As an instructor with the CNOA, Tony says his main focus is to make sure officers return home safe to their families. He also focuses on helping officers realize that they have one of the best jobs in the world.


Fla. SWAT team gets first at international competition

By Jeremy Maready The LedgerLAKELAND, Fla. — It had been four days of grueling obstacle courses... - Full Story


2009 CNOA Training Conference: Craig Hammer

PoliceOne Senior Editor, Doug Wyllie, sits down with Craig Hammer at the 2009 CNOA Conference in San Francisco. Craig is a Special Agent Supervisor for the California Department of Justice. He explains the newer trends that narcotics officers are noticing in the industry along with the dangers they are finding among drug labs and how to approach those situations.


2009 CNOA Conference Presents: Jim Aumond, Director of Training

PoliceOne Senior Editor, Doug Wyllie, speaks with Jim Aumond at the 2009 CNOA conference in San Francisco.


Stupid shooting range tricks: Recalling momentary lapses in judgment Richard Fairburn - Law Enforcement Firearms

Stupid shooting range tricks: Recalling momentary lapses in judgment

Well another year is coming to a close, and as we end each year, we tend to look back a little and ta... - Full Story


Philip Hemphill: Training to be a Championship Shooter

In this PoliceOneTV Original, Betsy Brantner-Smith speaks with Philip Hemphill at IALEFI 2009. He was this year's keynote speaker and has been in the highway patrol for 29 years. Phil discusses what it takes to become a championship shooter, including desire, dedication and proper training.


P1 Photo of the Week: Training in action PoliceOne Members - Photo of the Week

P1 Photo of the Week: Training in action

Different agencies in St. Louis doing training for a raid.(Member photo)Submitted by: Mike Wilson, Markham (IL) PDPoliceOne wants... - Full Story


John Farnam's reminders to officers in wake of Wash. ambush

Vary your routine. Have one in the group maintain the role of the sentry. PoliceOne Member and renowned instructor John Farnam says, "Willingness is a state of mind. Readiness is a statement of fact." - Full Story Secure - Law Enforcement Only

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