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November 03, 2013
Thousands mourn death of Ill. officer, K-9 partner

Thousands mourn death of Ill. officer, K-9 partner

Hundreds of his brothers in blue and thousands of others turned out Saturday to say farewell to the Pontiac officer who "had the world by the tail" - Full Story
November 01, 2013

NYPD cop kills self after making robbery arrest

The officer told colleagues he was heading downstairs and would be back, but never returned - Full Story
October 30, 2013

Hubcap thief stumbles into Texas police party

A retired officer caught the thief and held him at bay until other officers saw what was happening - Full Story
October 29, 2013

Fallen Detroit officer remembered as 'great role model'

Called "a real life hero," by Detroit Police Chief James Craig, Patrick Hill was also honored at his funeral by the mayor and attorney Barbara McQuade - Full Story
October 07, 2013

Ky. police add body cameras to uniforms

The police chief can view videos in real time from his computer - Full Story
October 04, 2013
Cleveland residents badger PD amid probes

Cleveland residents badger PD amid probes

The U.S. Department of Justice is reviewing years of excessive force claims - Full Story
October 04, 2013

Chicago police organize events to take back parks from gangs

The initiative 'Operation: Wake-Up!' works with neighborhoods to retake parks following shootings - Full Story
October 03, 2013

Cop told not to wear uniform at daughter's school

The officer was shocked when his daughter's school principal said his gun and uniform concerned people - Full Story
October 02, 2013

Police commend boy for returning lost money

Police were proud the 8-year-old for making the right decision and returning the cash - Full Story
October 02, 2013

Critics look to restrict NC police tactics

Poeple believe officials need to curb its use of consent searches of motorists and raise the status and authority of a civilian review board - Full Story

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