Special Report: LTE Broadband

When every second counts, public safety agencies need communications they can rely on to get the job done. At the heart of every mission is the ability to communicate in an instant to coordinate response and protect lives.

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The long-term evolution of public safety communications Public safety organizations have endorsed LTE as the next generation of wireless technology for use in the 700 MHz public safety spectrum — so what, exactly, is LTE? Full Story
Fighting for a national interoperable public safety communications network The FCC still wants to auction off the D-Block to a commercial wireless carrier but the Public Safety Alliance, APCO, and others are gaining steam in opposition Full Story
Making the case for public safety broadband Deputy Chief Chuck Dowd, a 30-year veteran of NYPD and an expert on public safety communications, addressed attendees at the International Wireless Communication Expo (IWCE) held recently in Las Vegas ... Full Story
IWCE 2010: Panel discusses future of public safety radio Broadband is coming, but experts disagree on when and how Full Story

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