Police News Reports

Police News Reports

National Police Week - 05/16/2005

This Police One Special Report highlights the various activities commemorating National Police Week.... Full story

MS-13 Gang Violence Increasing Nationwide - 04/22/2005

Mara Salvatrucha, better known as MS-13, is what Police magazine described as "America's Most Dangerous Gang." The FBI formed a task force to target MS-13 and dismantling the gang has become a top priority. ... Full story

Milwaukee PD's Discrimination Controversy - 04/08/2005

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — A federal jury found that the city's first black police chief, Arthur Jones, who retired over a year ago, discriminated against 17 white men in ... Full story

Albuquerque, N.M. Chief Resigns Amid Evidence Scandal - 03/31/2005

Albuquerque, NM Police Chief Gilbert Gallegos resigned abruptly Wednesday amid a scandal involving his department's alleged mishandling of evidence...... Full story

Minn. School Shooting: Lessons and Analysis - 03/24/2005

Law enforcement officers patrol outside Red Lake, Minn., Middle School and the high School after Monday's mass shooting incident which left ten dead. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, expert in the area of human ... Full story

Call for Action Following Courthouse Carnage - 03/15/2005

A surveillance camera captured Brian G. Nichols' surprise attack on a Fulton County sheriff's deputy, but no one in the control center noticed the assault and sent help, said a law enforcement official ... Full story

Protecting Yourself; Cops Targeted For Retaliation - 01/27/2005

Threats of violent retaliation against police are surfacing in news reports nationwide. Being confronted by angry suspects who vow revenge is nothing new, but when threat frequency increases, credibility ... Full story

Gangs Viewed as Domestic Terrorists by Calif. Chief - 01/13/2005

Using an assault rifle, Andres Raya fires a shot into the pavement in the parking lot outside George's Liquors. He goes inside and tells the clerk, "Somebody just fired at me, call the police." ...... Full story

Death of Officer Reinforces Dangers of Domestic Calls - 01/06/2005

SWAT Team members near the scene of a standoff with a gunman Dec. 31, in Newington, Conn. The gunman - a former state corrections officer - shot and killed a police officer, then killed himself after a ... Full story

Detectives Trace Internet Route, Find Murder Suspect - 12/21/2004

Missouri State Highway Patrolman Jeff Owen and other computer forensic investigators were able to link accused murderer Lisa Montgomery to victim Bobbie Jo Stinnett. They viewed computer records, examined ... Full story

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