Police News Reports

Police News Reports

London terror attacks: domestic and international responses - 07/22/2005

Two police officers stand guard outside a fast food restaurant in Tooting, south London, after nine men were arrested under the Terrorism Act at two properties in the neighborhood of Tooting, in dawn raids ... Full story

Law enforcement's top fugitive: Meth - 07/06/2005

Methamphetamine, glass, crystal, stove top: Regardless of the name, the drug is taking over the nation and a large amount of your department's time. A recent survey of 500 sheriff offfices around the country ... Full story

Police violence rocks the Mexican/U.S. border - 06/16/2005

On June 8 the police chief of Nuevo Laredo, a Mexican city just across the border from Laredo, Texas, was shot to death after only 9 hours on the job. Since then, the city has become ground zero in Mexico's ... Full story

Denver Suspect Captured - 06/07/2005

Raul Garcia-Gomez, 19, was arrested Saturday after being hunted by police for about a month. He is suspected of murdering Denver Det. Donald Young, 43, who was shot multiple times from behind while he ... Full story

Suicide-by-Cop - 06/02/2005

Within the past week there has been at least four suicides-by-cop around the country. In this PoliceOne news report, we give you links to several of the recent incidents and a columnist's advice on how ... Full story

Buckle Up America News - 05/25/2005

Mary Kerlavage of Buffalo, N.Y., takes her dog, Blue Dog, for a motorcycle ride in a sidecar in N.Y. April 15. Blue Dog is wearing a seat belt. (AP Photo/David Duprey)
From catchy tunes to hundreds ... Full story

National Police Week - 05/16/2005

This Police One Special Report highlights the various activities commemorating National Police Week.... Full story

MS-13 Gang Violence Increasing Nationwide - 04/22/2005

Mara Salvatrucha, better known as MS-13, is what Police magazine described as "America's Most Dangerous Gang." The FBI formed a task force to target MS-13 and dismantling the gang has become a top priority. ... Full story

Milwaukee PD's Discrimination Controversy - 04/08/2005

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — A federal jury found that the city's first black police chief, Arthur Jones, who retired over a year ago, discriminated against 17 white men in ... Full story

Albuquerque, N.M. Chief Resigns Amid Evidence Scandal - 03/31/2005

Albuquerque, NM Police Chief Gilbert Gallegos resigned abruptly Wednesday amid a scandal involving his department's alleged mishandling of evidence...... Full story

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