Police News Reports

Police News Reports

In-Car Video Shows Bandits Opening Fire On Tex. Police - 11/11/2004

A police in-car video released by Richardson, Texas police on Monday shows bullets from high-powered rifles flying through the window of a police cruiser, as the so-called Takeover Bandits made their getaway ... Full story

Boston Fan's Death Sparks Less-Lethal Discussions - 10/26/2004

Civil rights advocates angry over the death of a student hit by a pepper-spray pellet are seeking at least a temporary ban on the Boston Police Department's use of so-called "less-lethal" weapons to control ... Full story

Terror Alerts Take Toll On First Responders - 10/19/2004

The first call came in to the U.S. Capitol early in the morning. A Capitol Police officer was too sick to work. Soon, another officer called with the same problem. Then another. And another. By the end ... Full story

Injustice or Indecision? Mistrial in Cop's Shooting - 10/12/2004

One maverick juror, whose refusal to betray his heart caused the case of an admitted cop-shooter to derail in a mistrial, simply doesn't believe James Gaines is a killer. "It all came down to the 'intent,' ... Full story

Hi Tech Gadgets Making Police Work More Efficient - 10/05/2004

Police in Burnsville, Minn. have begun using an electronic device - the "phraselator" - that translates English into 15 languages in just a few seconds, hoping to save time when questioning members of ... Full story

Assault Weps Ban Expires;
Will It Matter?
- 09/13/2004

Montgomery County, Md. Police Chief Tom Manager holds an M-16 assault rifle with a 30 round capacity clip during a news conference Monday at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda. The news conference was asking ... Full story

5th Phoenix Officer Shot in
Less Than One Week
- 09/03/2004

Phoenix, Ariz. Police officers secure the area where an officer was wounded Thursday. For the fifth time in six days, a Phoenix police officer was gunned down, shot three times during a routine traffic. ... Full story

NYC Secured From Attack;
NYPD v.Terrorists, Protests
- 08/30/2004

There was theater inside and outside Broadway playhouses Sunday as Republican delegates cheered at matinees and protesters of all stripes jeered in the streets. In between was an army of riot-ready cops, ... Full story

LEO Concealed Carry; Details of The New Law - 08/14/2004

To qualify to carry concealed weapons under the law, officers maintain their firearms training and carry photo identification showing their law enforcement affiliation. Local, state and federal officers ... Full story

FBI Warns al-Qaeda May Use Helicopters, Limousines in Terror Attacks - 08/02/2004

Al-Qaeda may attempt to launch attacks in U.S. cities using helicopters or rented limousines packed with explosives as weapons, the FBI said in two nationwide bulletins. Terror operatives could attempt ... Full story

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