Police News Reports

Police News Reports

Fliers Promote Cop Killing in Denver; Bounties Offered - 07/29/2004

Fliers offering a bounty for killing Denver police officers appeared on car windshields Monday morning, prompting a criminal investigation and a citywide alert. The fliers, which offer $5,000 for a "crooked ... Full story

Galls' Shipments Destined For Iraq, Fed. Agents Say - 07/27/2004

Galls Inc. tried to ship handcuffs, helmets, listening devices and other law-enforcement equipment to foreign countries without getting the required licenses, a federal agent alleges. An affidavit also ... Full story

Authorities Act Against Real Danger of Replica Guns - 07/16/2004

Police say the popularity of the replica pellet guns had prompted a flurry of incidents in which officers had initially mistaken the replicas for more dangerous weapons. From Irvine to Hemet to Lakewood, ... Full story

LAPD Chief's Apology Fails To Soothe Critics - 06/29/2004

LAPD Chief William J. Bratton's apology July 3 for making remarks criticized as offensive to blacks did little to quell outrage directed at his department at a town hall meeting held Saturday. The discussion ... Full story

Criminals' Brazen Behavior, Using More Violent Tactics - 06/21/2004

An arrest attempt turned deadly last week when three Birmingham, Ala. police officers were fatally shot at a house where they had gone to pick up a man wanted for misdemeanor assault. Like other recent ... Full story

Cops in N.E. Demonstrate, Picket Over Pay Issues - 06/11/2004

Members of the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association and their allies form a picket line outside the FleetCenter in Boston late Monday evening. The police union, which is the most outspoken of the city's ... Full story

Employing New Methods, Citizen Tips to Nab Bad Guys - 06/04/2004

The following three stories serve as innovative illustrations of how you can dramatically increase your crime-fighting presence by creatively enlisting the help of citizens. As you read these, it's worth ... Full story

Taking Charge in School Violence Situations - 05/20/2004

A Baltimore County police officer secures the scene after a shooting in the parking lot of Randallstown High School, May 7. Four students were wounded in the drive-by shooting. The incident was one of ... Full story

Are Cops Being Targeted? - 05/01/2004

Many believe the spate of recent fatal shootings signals something more ominous than the kind of peril officers usually face. There's a common thread in many shootings aimed at officers, officials said. ... Full story

Cooling Down Heated Confrontations With The Emotionally-Disturbed - 04/18/2004

Officers are increasingly finding themselves challenged with handling calls involving emotionally disturbed people. Without training and preparation, this can prove to be a bigger, more dangerous challenge ... Full story

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