Police News Reports

Police News Reports

Suicide By Cop: Officers Live With The Aftermath - 03/30/2004

As Madison, Wisc. Police Detective Tim Hahn sped to the Red Caboose Day Care Center, where a man was holding a staffer hostage, he heard the urgent cry over the police radio: "Shots fired! Shots fired!" ... Full story

Justice Dept. Releases Findings on Body Armor - 03/16/2004

The Department of Justice convened a summit Mar. 11 to address the reliability issue of body armor used by law enforcement personnel, and to examine the future of bullet-resistant technology and testing ... Full story

Officers Worried After
Recent Cases, Setting
Deadly Precedents
- 03/08/2004

Some Louisville, Ken. Metro Police officers and their supporters said they were concerned but not surprised by Friday's indictment of a detective for fatally shooting a fleeing suspect. "The danger ... ... Full story

K-9s Train to Lick Crime;
Find Suspects, Contraband
- 02/25/2004

Zeus' ears perk up. His tongue flops. His tail cuts the air furiously. The German shepherd picks up the scent of the "bad guy" and bolts to find him concealed under brush in a Washington County field. ... Full story

Another Case Makes Clear:
In-Car Video Invaluable
- 02/12/2004

This incident depicts an officer who followed many basic training, safety, and DWI procedures and was both polite and respectful to the suspects. It can serve as an effective training tool and a perfect ... Full story

America's Home-Grown Threat Gets More Dangerous
- 02/04/2004

The streets surrounding the 3500 block of West Belden Avenue look safe enough. Families walk the streets, the restaurants and shops are busy, there aren't any boarded up houses, hardly any gang graffiti. ... Full story

Calling Off The Chase:
Departments' Policies Differ
- 01/08/2004

The California Highway Patrol said Monday its officers will continue pursuing minor traffic offenders, even though a Sunday chase in Fresno ended with three people injured in a crash. "The public expects ... Full story

Entire Town Turns Out to Pay Respects to Slain Indiana Officers - 12/17/2003

The Walkerton, Ind. police chief's badge is draped in black Tuesday in honor of fallen Mishawaka police officers Bryan Verkler and Thomas Roberts. Verkler is a Walkerton native whose father and brother ... Full story

Miami Police Hunt For Another Serial Rapist - 12/11/2003

Miami-Dade Police Officers Mary Holmes, left, and Ida Brooklen hand out fliers about a serial rapist. Miami police are on the hunt for a new serial rapist, three months after they caught another rape suspect ... Full story

How Much is Too Much to Reveal in Investigations? - 12/06/2003

Chief Steve Martin of the Franklin County, Ohio Sheriff's Office briefs the media Nov. 27. In trying to balance the interest and safety of the public against the integrity of an investigation, law-enforcement ... Full story

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