Police News Reports

Police News Reports

Miami Police Hunt For Another Serial Rapist - 12/11/2003

Miami-Dade Police Officers Mary Holmes, left, and Ida Brooklen hand out fliers about a serial rapist. Miami police are on the hunt for a new serial rapist, three months after they caught another rape suspect ... Full story

How Much is Too Much to Reveal in Investigations? - 12/06/2003

Chief Steve Martin of the Franklin County, Ohio Sheriff's Office briefs the media Nov. 27. In trying to balance the interest and safety of the public against the integrity of an investigation, law-enforcement ... Full story

Counter -Terrorism Issues: Connecting The Dots - 11/15/2003

Armed police officers patrol in London Saturday. British security services were placed on their second highest state of alert after an intelligence report about a possible attack by al-Qaeda.  ... Full story

The Green River Killer: Experts say he's like other serial killers - 11/11/2003

Flanked by his attorneys, Ridgway answers a prosecutor's questions Wednesday in a packed King County, Wash. courtroom. From his testimony, this much is clear: Gary L. Ridgway loved to kill. The mystery ... Full story

Supreme Court Hears Several Law Enforcement Related Cases - 11/05/2003

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguements in several law enforcement relevant cases this past week. The cases address roadblocks, search and seizure isues. The first case dealt with the issue of a 'faulty' ... Full story

Hunt is On For Those Who Set Devastating Cal. Wildfires - 11/03/2003

There have been more than 500 tips, dozens of cars stopped, a handful of men questioned, at least one confession and endless rumors, but authorities say they still haven't arrested anyone who sparked one ... Full story

PoliceOne Special Report: Recent Developments Regarding Use of Zylon in Ballistic Vests - 10/28/2003

PoliceOne has created a special section and report to address the controversy surrounding the recent penetrations and subsequent recall of Second Chance Zylon-based vests. The section is designed to facilitate ... Full story

First of D.C.-Area Sniper Shooting Trials Begins - 10/23/2003

Prosecutor Paul Ebert, left, questions Prince William County Police Officer Steven Bailey on Tuesday. Bailey testified seeing sniper suspect, John Allen Muhammad, after one of the shootings. ... Full story

11th Person Feared Dead in Staten Island Ferry Accident - 10/18/2003

New York Police officers transport a victim's body after a Staten Island ferry crashed into a pier in Staten Island Wednesday evening and tore a huge gash down the side of the ship. At least 10 people ... Full story

Dealing Weapons; In the Face of Death, an Undercover Life of Guns - 10/17/2003

A NYPD undercover officer has outfitted his Walther PPK with a metal coat hanger to hold it in place in his pants. Two of its officers were killed on Staten Island in March. (New York Times photo.)... Full story

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