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The Police Marksman Magazine

For more than 30 years, The Police Marksman has built a legacy of advancing tactical excellence in law enforcement training. Our mission is to arm law enforcement with the tools and knowledge to survive and win real-world encounters. We maintain a laser focus on delivering cutting edge articles on tactics, firearms and officer safety to law enforcement of all ranks nationwide. We achieve this through our roster of leading topic experts and our long-standing reputation of integrity and commitment to law enforcement.

Police Marksman Magazine
November/December 2007

Vol. 32 Issue 6
Magazine Home
Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) and Train-the-Trainer Practical Hand Signs for Patrol Officer Down: Exiting the Danger Zone The Wallbanger Street Survival Insights: Terror, Patrol & Vigilance - Every Officer Makes a Difference! Officer Survival: Spotting Armed Suspects Street Survival Insights: Behavior Traits that get Cops Killed; Long Known, Still Ignored Book Review: The Green Beret in You The Product Report Handgun Safes with Simplex Lock Mechanisms: Secure, Fast & Easy Access Officer Down: Trust Your Instincts Officer Survival: Use-of-Force Marksman Trainer: Police Ground Defense–The Need for Useful and Practical Training Leupold Mark 4, 3.5-10x40mm LR/T Kimber’s Advanced Tactical Sniper Rifle Officer Down: Failing to Control Your Suspect The right stuff: Responding to an active shooter with limited manpower Gizmos, widgets, and real equipment HK Nitrous Blitz Knife from Benchmade Legal Corner - Civil Liability Issues of Active Shooter Situations: Part 1 Street Survival® Insights: When/Then Thinking Final Word: Failure to Protect Active Shooter Cycle: Train Now or Pay Later Officer Survival: Driven to Death Marksman Trainer: Active Shooter Response - Work in Pairs Rapid Deployment: Version 2 Field Tests: Advancer V-12 Goggle from Eye Safety Systems 5 Phases of the Active Shooter Incident Surviving the ammo shortage Marksman Trainer: Training "As if it Were Real" Handgun Accessories: Enhancing your Duty Pistol Weapon Focus: Glock's New .45 Short Frame Pistol - The Glock Model 21 SF Firearms Competition: A Driving Force to Officer Survival Officer Down: Never Say Die - Body Armor Saves the Day Final Word: Mandatory Fitness Standards for In-Service Officers The OODA Loop: A Key to Component Response Training to the lowest level – Are we handicapping our officers? 12 critical elements of a modern firearms training program Multiply your training time return with inexpensive targets The "love/hate" relationship between cops and their dispatchers Officer Down: Traffic Stop Turned Firestorm - Lessons Learned and a Trooper Lost Accessories for your patrol shotgun Violent Encounters: Know What You're Facing and Come Out on Top Want to W.I.N.? Decide "What's Important Now" Street Survival Insights: Learning from Virginia Tech - Arming Those Who Protect Our Schools Winning Over Injury - A Tactically Oriented Approach to Treating Injured Officers Final Word: Just Plain Evil Street leadership: 5 Steps to Success The Police Shotgun: Versatile, Powerful & Still “The Great Intimidator” Review: Brownell's high-capacity AR-15 magazines PentagonLight's new MOLLE Light Off-Duty Guns and Carry: Why, What and How Tips for Keeping a Low Off-Duty Profile How to Protect Your Family and Yourself Against Revenge Threats Off-Duty Confrontations: Legal Issues Alternative weapons Officer Down: Focusing on the Hunt Off-Duty and Drawing Fire: An Officer’s Firsthand Account of the Utah Active Shooter Incident Developing an off-duty plan Coaching forward: Positive training Leupold's New Tactical Prismatic Rifle Scope Streamlight's new Stinger LED — High intensity light in a compact package Marksman Trainer: Compliance to seconds! Officer Down: Lessons Learned from a Hostage Officer Tragedy 10 key qualities of law enforcement leaders Tactical Shooting: How to find the right tactical shooting system for your agency Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc., Partners with the National Law Enforcement Museum Expect the unexpected Preparing for School Attacks School Shootings: "Wait and See" Is not an Option Legal Corner: Use-of-Force and the Issue of Less Intrusive Means On Liars, Mistletoe, and Lack of Respect for Colleagues The Quiet Enemy: How a Pandemic Could Level Law Enforcement! 10 tips for surviving controversial, high-profile cases Preparing for a school shooting: 13 lessons learned during a training exercise Columbine, Green Bay, and Warfighting Ken Murray’s Reality Based Training Instructor School Officer Down: Close Range Armed Encounters Tactical Training Tales on a New Dimension Active Shooter Equipment Deploying Long Guns: The HAZ-MAT Techniques Fundamental Tactics – It’s about time! Werewolves Among Sheepdogs: A guest editorial from The Police Marksman The American Sniper Association Spotter Program Public Safety Statements Combative: Are You Doing Everything to Win Decisively? Advanced Tactical Handgun as Taught by Todd Salmon SWAT Selection & Training - Raising the Bar Legal Corner: Departmental Liability for Failure-to-Train Personal Responsibility in Training Officer Down: Contact & Cover Book Review: When Terror Comes to Main Street New product reports from The Police Marksman Magazine Officer Down: Vehicle Positioning Underbarrel Lights: They’re not just for SWAT anymore! Verbal Trauma Control: Life Saving Communications A Survivor’s Story Is the American Litigation System the Terrorists' Best Friend? Legal Corner: Inadequate Training – On-Duty & Off-Duty Scenarios Justifying off-duty preparedness to your family Realistic gunfight training Realistic tactics for edged weapons Officer Down: "Home defense" Into the Great Abyss: Suggested protocol for clearing attic scuttles Setting the record straight on force continuums Police suicide: What you need to know & what we as police officers need to do A review of Bennie Cooley's "Urban Tactical Rifle Course" (Zen and the Art of Gunfighting)

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