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Main Videos


Narrative-Based Interviews (POSA) Secure - Login Required

The Lie Guy, Stan Walters, discusses the narrative based interview technique as a method to get accurate information that can be adapted for any situation including time-critical, on-scene information gathering.
Narrative-Based Interviews (POSA)


Tactical Knife Skills (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Knife skills are as vital as firearms skills. Learn knife techniques that will not only allow you to fight with a knife, but defend against a knife attack as well in this video featuring Ralph Mroz.
Tactical Knife Skills (POSA)


Tactical Shotgun (POSA) Secure - Login Required

This video, with Ralph Mroz, covers all aspects of one the most powerful and versatile weapons in our arsenal. Learn about hardware options, ammunition choices and various shooting and reloading techniques.
Tactical Shotgun (POSA)


Terrorism Awareness (POSA) Secure - Login Required

As the first line of defense, LE officers play a critical role in fighting terrorism. This program, with Michael Finney, covers common definitions, tactics and targets of terrorists and defensive tactics that can be used.
Terrorism Awareness (POSA)


The Defensive Snubby (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Filmed at the first Snubby Summit, various firearm experts from across the country discuss all aspects of the use of a snubby as a defensive/back-up weapon.
The Defensive Snubby (POSA)


Training Women (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Lt. Yalena Pawella, formally of the Moscow Police Force, discusses the differences of, and the various techniques for training women in law enforcement.
Training Women (POSA)


Vehicle Fires (POSA) Secure - Login Required

This training, with Larry Holloman, covers the priorities for officers responding to vehicle fires, various hazards, vehicle placement, LE duties at a fire scene, and safety issues.
Vehicle Fires (POSA)


When a Child Dies on a Call (POSA) Secure - Login Required

This presentation, with Dr. Anne Bisek, deals with first responder psychological issues when a child dies during an incident.
When a Child Dies on a Call (POSA)


When to Seek Therapy (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Dr.Anne Bisek, a psychologist practicing in Fremont, California, discusses questions that first responders often have about seeking therapy.
When to Seek Therapy (POSA)


Indoor Marijuana Grow Operation (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Not widely known, this program with Ralph Mroz covers the dangers to first responders to large and small indoor marijuana grow operations.
Indoor Marijuana Grow Operation (POSA)

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