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Tip - Equipment tips (POSA) Secure - Login Required

This tip offers some valuable equipment suggestions for duty.


Tip - Finger grab frisk grip (POSA) Secure - Login Required

This tip covers a useful and effective technique for controlling resisting suspects during cuffing.


Tip - Firearm unloading (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Explore some valuable tips for safe firearm unloading.


Tip - Firearms training with force (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Learn about an important psychological issue when combining firearms training and force.


Tip - Force-on-force simulation safety (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Taken from our full-length, Force-on-Force Simulation Instructor program, this tip discusses the criteria of required safety protocols for firearm simulations training programs.


Tip - Foundations of training (POSA) Secure - Login Required

This tip discusses the two underlying foundations of training.


Tip -Gun grab disarms (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Learn a new, non-traditional method to foul a gun grab.


Tip - Hand strengthening (POSA) Secure - Login Required

This program explores hand conditioning and strengthening techniques.


Tip - Searching with a handgun (POSA) Secure - Login Required

Discover some tips for increasing reloading efficiency and speed.


Tip - Knife grips (POSA) Secure - Login Required

This video discusses the 4 types of knife grips and their advantages and disadvantages.

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