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Suspect targeted and rammed squad, fled before being killed

Casey Daniel Smith was stopped the following day for stealing and attacked the off-duty officer on site with a crowbar.
KLTV.com-Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News


Baltimore police pursuit ends in crash

A police pursuit in northeast Baltimore ended in a car crash.


Wis. police fatally shooting fleeing suspect

Police were cleared of any wrongdoing for killing the suspect, as they feared for the safety of their officers and community.


Police pursuit ends with strange balloon scene

A Los Angeles police pursuit ends with driver inhaling from gas-filled balloons.


Car thief leads police on pursuit through Hollywood

Police pursue car thief through the streets of Hollywood.


Police take down suspect

Police take down a fleeing suspect.


SUV fleeing SC police veers off bridge

A dash cam video shows a Highway Patrol trooper pursued a Lexus SUV in Greenville County at speeds that reached 85 mph just after midnight in June before the SUV veered onto a railroad bridge, crashed through a railing and fell onto railroad tracks below.


Driver rams brand new police car with truck

Dramatic in-car footage of a truck driver slamming into a brand new BMW X5.


British police pursuit

A police pursuit in Leicestershire.


Police pursuit results in crash

A police pursuit in Russia ended after a violent collision.

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