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Police pursuit ends with strange balloon scene

A Los Angeles police pursuit ends with driver inhaling from gas-filled balloons.


Car thief leads police on pursuit through Hollywood

Police pursue car thief through the streets of Hollywood.


Police take down suspect

Police take down a fleeing suspect.


SUV fleeing SC police veers off bridge

A dash cam video shows a Highway Patrol trooper pursued a Lexus SUV in Greenville County at speeds that reached 85 mph just after midnight in June before the SUV veered onto a railroad bridge, crashed through a railing and fell onto railroad tracks below.


Driver rams brand new police car with truck

Dramatic in-car footage of a truck driver slamming into a brand new BMW X5.


British police pursuit

A police pursuit in Leicestershire.


Police pursuit results in crash

A police pursuit in Russia ended after a violent collision.


Fleeing suspect fires at police

The suspect fled his vehicle, hopped a fence, and fired about 6 shots at the pursuing officer.


Police pursue runaway wild boar in Prague

A wild boar frightens shoppers as police pursue.


Insane Russian police pursuit caught on camera

Russian police force a fleeing vehicle to a stop and take down the motorist before he has a chance to run.