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Off-duty cops pursue, wound gunman who shot bus driver

The officers had to make a "life-and-death" decision whether to shoot the suspect, who was on a bus with passengers.


Robber fleeing police gets stuck on fence

Possibly the most embarrassing attempt at a robbery getaway was broadcast on live television


62-car police pursuit a 'perfect chase'

A new point of view from the pursuit that ended with 137 shots fired and two suspects killed is being praised by police Union President Jeff Follmer as the ‘perfect chase.’


Police pursuit in Southern California

Footage of police pursuing driver on the 118 freeway in Southern California.


Suspect targeted and rammed squad, fled before being killed

Casey Daniel Smith was stopped the following day for stealing and attacked the off-duty officer on site with a crowbar.
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Baltimore police pursuit ends in crash

A police pursuit in northeast Baltimore ended in a car crash.


Wis. police fatally shooting fleeing suspect

Police were cleared of any wrongdoing for killing the suspect, as they feared for the safety of their officers and community.


Police pursuit ends with strange balloon scene

A Los Angeles police pursuit ends with driver inhaling from gas-filled balloons.


Car thief leads police on pursuit through Hollywood

Police pursue car thief through the streets of Hollywood.


Police take down suspect

Police take down a fleeing suspect.