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May 18, 2012

Audio Recording Using 10-8 Video

Officer and Complainant were in the living room, off screen left side of home
May 18, 2012

Traffic Stop Recorded Using 10-8 Video In Car Video System

Basic traffic stop. Note audio quality and background radio traffic.
May 18, 2012

Audio Sample of 10-8 Video In Car Video

Officers responded to juvenile domestic & go to back of house to speak with juvenile.
March 04, 2011

MPH Industries Muvi-LE Pro Camera Footage

Muvi-LE Pro is the world´s smallest digital video recorder for law enforcement. Even though it´s small, it still packs a punch. It can record for 180 minutes on the supplied 4 GB memory card as compared to the 2 GB card in our standard model. This gives you twice the storage capacity. The memory card can be upgraded to provide more than 5 hours of recording time. The built-in rechargeable Lithium battery provides 2 hours of recording time between charges.
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November 11, 2010

COBAN Technologies Digital Recording Systems

The COBAN digital recording systems explained by the users and designers.
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October 28, 2009

Kustom Signals at IACP 2009

In this PoliceOneTV Virtual Tradeshow segment, Dave Smith speaks with Dave Teeter from Kustom Signals at IACP 2009 about their exciting new product, the G3 Vision. The Digital Eyewitness G3 Vision allows simultaneous recording from up to 4 cameras. It also allows control of the in car video system from an enhanced Mirror Monitor. There is also a look back buffer and 24/7 recording mode.

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May 22, 2009

WatchGuard Video at IACP 2008

WatchGuard Video is a leading manufacturer of innovative law enforcement mobile technology solutions. WatchGuard's flagship product, the DV-1, records video evidence direct to DVD-Video in the vehicle, eliminating the need for back office equipment for personnel. This in-car digital video system is housed in a compact, overhead console mounted between the visors of most standard law enforcement vehicles. A two-piece modular version is also available.
May 12, 2009

COBAN Technologies at IACP 2008

COBAN manufactures state-of-the-art mobile data computers and digital video recording equipment for the public safety, utility and military community. In addition to cutting edge mobile computing devices and digital video technology, COBAN employs the latest communication, database, and storage technologies to deliver complete and scalable solutions to our customers, regardless of the size of the agency.
December 15, 2008

Digital Ally Digital Video Flashlight

Take an animated video tour of Digital Ally's Digital Video System integrated into a law enforcement style flashlight. It features advanced LED lighting, records up to 8 hours of audio and video, and includes a Lithium-Ion battery pack.

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