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February 25, 2015

Over 150 Pa. cops honored for bravery, life-saving efforts

Three officers received the bureau's Purple Heart in a ceremony Tuesday that recognized more than 150 officers - Full Story
February 23, 2015
Ohio K-9 found after missing for 2 months

Ohio K-9 found after missing for 2 months

Recovery prompted relief from his handler and others involved in the search, as well as a social media celebration - Full Story
February 10, 2015

Video: Fla. cops pull man from vehicle blaze

Officers responded to the scene Christmas Day and found the driver locked inside the car, suffering from smoke inhalation - Full Story
February 05, 2015

Va. dispatcher breaks protocol to save baby's life

Gave CPR instructions over the phone despite the department's lack of emergency medical dispatch certification - Full Story
January 29, 2015

2 dead, officer injured in Philly house fire

Officer who rushed into the home Thursday was taken by police to a hospital with non-life threatening burns - Full Story
January 13, 2015

Video: Fla. teen saves life of cop who was booking him

A teen that was taken into custody for a probation violation is being called a hero after helping save the life of the officer who was booking him - Full Story
January 12, 2015
NY cop struck saving boy from careening car

NY cop struck saving boy from careening car

Officer kept a teenager from being hit by a car as the youth walked along a suburban New York highway - Full Story
January 07, 2015

Video: Mich. cop catches child dropped from apartment fire

Small child was thrown from a balcony into the hands of a police officer to escape an apartment fire - Full Story
January 01, 2015

Mom, girls jump from burning home into NJ cops' arms

Several police officers formed a human net to catch a woman and her two young daughters as they jumped from their burning home - Full Story
December 22, 2014

Trending Topics: When cops come to the aid of animals

By PoliceOne Staff There are countless examples of cops coming to the aid of civilians in need, but let’s... - Full Story

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