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Police: Retired cop tackles $37,500 Rolex thief

Police say the former officer, Michael Blake, was working at Henne Jewelry Store when a man snatched a watch from the clerk's hand and tried to escape - Full Story


Retired NY cop to open police-theme bar

Stephen Barounis missed his job so much he decided to bring his old police environment to his new job - Full Story


San Diego chief stepping down after decade of service

The San Diego department, with 1,856 sworn officers, has long been considered one of the nation's best - Full Story


How I beat 'The Wall' and finished my police career marathon Duane Wolfe - The Warrior's Path

How I beat 'The Wall' and finished my police career marathon

My race has been a little different than most cops, but then again, every cop runs their own individual race - Full Story


Retired cop killed after firing at courthouse in WVa

Investigators are trying to find out why the former Ohio officer fired nearly 2 dozen shots at the courthouse.


Retired veteran duo still patrol Ohio streets

The two men have a combined 90 years of experience in law enforcement, and a slew of accomplishments.