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Rural Law Enforcement

Rural Law Enforcement

In the Rural Law Enforcement section you'll find news reports and expert articles about what it means to be a police officer in rural America. Early in America’s history, officers rode on horseback from town to town, either alone or with a small posse. Police work has changed drastically since then, but if you patrol in a rural area, you probably have some idea how those cops felt.
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February 14, 2011

Arizona tribal police officer killed by stray trailer

The officer had only been with the department for 30 days at the time of the accident - Full Story
February 11, 2011

Small town turns to cameras to cut crime

Residents weigh pros and cons of video surveillance - Full Story
February 03, 2011

Cop shoots defendant in Ala. courtroom

The judge pulled a gun on a crutch-swinging defendant who went wild after he was found guilty of harassment - Full Story
February 02, 2011

Gov. wants more cops on northern border

There is more known terrorist activity in Canada than in Mexico, yet only 1 percent of the border is being policed - Full Story
January 27, 2011
Fugitive Ore. cop shooter is avid outdoorsman

Fugitive Ore. cop shooter is avid outdoorsman

Cops believe he's holed up in a vacation home in a secluded neighborhood less than a block from the Pacific Ocean - Full Story
January 26, 2011
Friends: Ore. officer shooting suspect is paranoid

Friends: Ore. officer shooting suspect is paranoid

Slipped deeper into a depression after a breakup and entertained paranoid fantasies about being pursued by police - Full Story
January 24, 2011

Ore. cop critically shot during traffic stop

Investigators are trying to locate the registered owner of the vehicle driven by the suspect, David Anthony Durham - Full Story
January 20, 2011

NH man seeks leniency after threatening cop

Man accused of threatening to kill a police officer said in court that he was drunk at the time, and that he really is 'not a troublemaker' - Full Story
January 11, 2011

Calif. cops arrest parolee a week after his release

The Eureka Police Department arrested a recently-released Eureka parolee, allegedly in possession of a loaded firearm - Full Story
January 05, 2011

Ore. officer killed in struggle with suspect

Shot and killed during a struggle in a stereo shop - Full Story

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