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Rural Law Enforcement

Rural Law Enforcement

In the Rural Law Enforcement section you'll find news reports and expert articles about what it means to be a police officer in rural America. Early in America’s history, officers rode on horseback from town to town, either alone or with a small posse. Police work has changed drastically since then, but if you patrol in a rural area, you probably have some idea how those cops felt.
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March 12, 2011
Sheriff patrols more bison than people

Sheriff patrols more bison than people

Thanks to a local judge and a controversial real-estate tycoon, the South Dakota sheriff now spends his day cruising desolate roads tending to some 6,000 bison, many of which used to be malnourished.
'Not best use of tax dollars'
February 14, 2011
Patrolling America's forgotten border

Patrolling America's forgotten border

On the northern border, federal agents and police play cat-and-mouse with smugglers and immigrants along 4,000 miles of a mostly unmarked and unfortified land.
Senators want military radar
February 03, 2011
Chicago-area cops unleash snowmobiles

Chicago-area cops unleash snowmobiles

Mounded-up snow has made it difficult for squad cars to respond to calls after a fierce blizzard pounded the Chicago area. "Anybody who needs us, we’ll respond," said one suburban chief. Stranded on the roadway

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