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Reality Training: Expect the Unexpected Secure - Login Required

Betsy Brantner Smith reviews how officers respond to a spontaneous gunfight and safely stop the threat while protecting a woman and child in the process.


RoboteX at NTOA 2011

Doug Wyllie talks with Eric Ivers of RoboteX about their portable and rugged RoboteX Avatar personal safety robot.


Stun Cuff Special Report

A special report on Stun Cuffs.


From Mumbai to Main Street USA

Chief Jeff Chudwin talks about the Mumbai tragedy and the lessons learned at the patrol level, stressing the importance of acting quickly as terrorists do not negotiate.


DUI Testing and Safety Secure - Login Required

In this video, Dave Smith talks with Kyle Clark about the dangers associated with getting up close and personal during DUI testing and the importance of awareness.


Betsy Brantner-Smith: Dispatcher Safety and Survival Secure - Login Required

A person might one day enter a police station, see a uniformed dispatcher, and try to do harm to the department. Have a plan of action ahead of time.


Reality Training: Trolley Square Shooting Secure - Login Required

In this segment, Barb Harris and Betsy Brantner-Smith discuss the Trolley Square Shooting and the importance of talking with and preparing your family for the role you play as a law enforcement officer both on and off duty.


More Efficient Arraignment

Collin County uses Cisco TelePresence for video arraignment to better utilize court and public safety resources.


Making Communities Safer with Video

The City of San Antonio shares video across safety and justice systems.


Reality Training: Wisconsin Deer Strike Secure - Login Required

In this Reality Training segment, Dave Smith discusses the danger of animal hazards and what tactics you should employ to keep yourself safe.