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Search Warrants - The Breakout Team Secure - Login Required

When serving a dynamic search warrant, every team plays an important role in safe, successful execution. In this video, Ray DeCunto clarifies the role the breakout team plays in containment.


Reality Training: High Speed Pursuit Secure - Login Required

In this video, Dave Smith takes a look at dash cam footage from an actual high-speed pursuit. This case highights two important points: 1) the majority of high-speed pursuits involve felons, and 2) a vehicle can be used as a deadly weapon.


All Traffic Solutions at IACP 2010

Scott Johnson of All Traffic Solutions breaks down his time-saving traffic safety equipment that can address the needs of any agency, however large, small, urban, or rural.


Don Gulla: 360 Firearms Drills Secure - Login Required

The tragic shooting of four officers in Lakewood, WA, has prompted officers around the country to ask the question, "What if it would have been me?" In this video, Sgt. Don Gulla demonstrates a drill that allows officers to prepare an ambush.


Keeping Law Enforcement Safer with Patrol Witness

Police Officers are on the front line. Often times having clear video evidence of a stop can make the difference between conviction or having a wrong doer go free. But more importantly, it can make the difference in an officers safety. Patrol Witness from 247 is a digital video system that addresses these issues and has proven successful around the country.


Andrew Hawkes: Questions to ask during a drug interdiction stop Secure - Login Required

In his 19 years of law enforcement, Lt. Andrew Hawkes has worked in highway drug interdiction, patrol, K9, investigations, narcotics and administration. In this segment, Lt. Hawkes discusses the top questions to ask during a drug interdiction stop to help lead you to your next big bust.


Reality Training: Crowd Control Secure - Login Required

In this video, Dave Smith stresses the importance of watching your defensive tactics techniques, particularly with a baton, in order to avoid negative coverage from the media.


Andrew Hawkes: 10 Mistakes Rookies Make Secure - Login Required

In this segment, Andrew Hawkes describes the top ten mistakes drug interdiction officers typically make when stopping a potnetial suspect.


Reality Training: Franconia Officer Killed in a Traffic Stop Secure - Login Required

In 2007, Corporal Bruce McKay of the Franconia, New Hampshire Police Department was killed during a motor vehicle stop. Dave Smith examines the history between the suspect and the officer. Could this tragedy have been prevented?


Tasers in Schools

Should law enforcement officials be allowed to carry and use TASERS in public schools?
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