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May 30, 2012

Baker Batshield Against an Active Shooter

Active shooters murdering innocents inside a publicly assessed and crowded building is a growing threat - and a dangerous and difficult dilemma for the first armed responders attempting rescue. This fast-paced professional presentation demonstrates how a new high-technology portable ballistic shield can greatly increase the personal safety of law enforcement officers while approaching armed and dangerous individuals.
April 03, 2012

Ballistic Shields for the Patrol Officer Secure - Login Required

Scott Reidy from Sig Sauer Academy talks about bringing ballistic shields to patrol and which techniques he teaches in his classes.
Ballistic Shields for the Patrol Officer
September 20, 2011

Baker Ballistics at SHOT Show 2011

This piece of equipment gives the officer a shield he can carry on the front seat of his/her squad. See how the collapsible shield is neatly stored and easily accessed.
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November 23, 2009

Watch the Baker Batshield in Action

Watch Michael Rayburn with the Baker Batshield in action.

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November 03, 2008

TASER: Shield Conversion Kit

The TASER Shield Conversion Kit features a peel and stick perforated TASER REPEL Laminate Film, power supply and necessary conversion equipment. This laminate becomes electrified providing a powerful deterrent to protect officers and keep suspects or rioters at bay. The shield can be compatible with the TASER Controlled Digital Power Magazine (CDPM) system.

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