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Footage of D.C. shooting incident

Video shows law enforcement approaching black sedan and the subsequent shootout.


Fatal shootout on Interstate 84

Shocking footage of a shootout involving a motorist and police officer in Portland, Ore.


Texas cop killed, second cop wounded after shootout

An officer in Texas was killed and a second injured after a shootout with a suspect.


Ohio man flees cops, killed in fatal shootout

The suspect, 22, fired at both squads, hitting an officer in the vest and arm. Officers returned fire, hitting the suspect 4 times.


Suspect TASERed in face

A car chase ends with an officer having to TASER a suspect in the face to get him to cooperate and prevent him from using a gun on the cop.


The Legacy of the Lakewood Four

One year ago today, four cops were gunned down in cold blood in a suburban Seattle coffee shop. This P1 exclusive video tells the story of that ambush from the perspective of Washington state law enforcement.

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