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I survived 4 near-fatal errors on a single shift Keith Bettinger - Musings of a Retired Cop

I survived 4 near-fatal errors on a single shift

Never think to yourself, “What can possibly happen today? We’re in the middle of a blizzard!” - Full Story


Daredevil skier stopped for flipping over squad

A French skier has captured the terrifying moment he did a 360 degree flip over the top of a police car, as the cruiser's siren begins to sound.


Winterize Yourself for Patrol

In many parts of the country, cold weather begins around Thanksgiving - well in advance of the official start of winter. In this video, PoliceOne's Law Enforcement Expert Dave Smith discusses the importance of training to use your firearm and other equipment when you're bundled up in a winter parka and gloves, and to be sure to regularly check that equipment for adverse effects that snow and ice can have on things like firearms.


The world's narrowest patrol car

Not a great choice for suspect transport.


Out of control car sends cop flying

Out of Control Car Sends Cop Flying
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