Video: Vegas police adapt to YouTube era

Cops learning to deal with increasing number of agitators who look to film police

LAS VEGAS - These days, just about everyone carries a camera. It's not just news crews that capture images for the world to see. Among the viral videos of flash mobs and giggly kids, there are thousands that feature police officers, and not always in the most attractive light.

It goes without saying that videos showing routine police contacts, thousands of them everyday, don't generally end up on YouTube. Instead, it's the out-of-the-ordinary encounters that go viral.

And while most of those are shot by folks who just happen upon a scene, some frequent posters go looking for law enforcement.

Lily Gonzalez is one of those who look for police. In one encounter with officers, the video on ends abruptly because, Gonzalez says, she complies with the officer's orders to turn off her camera - at least that one.

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