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Social Media for Cops

Social Media for Cops

In the Social Media for Cops section you’ll find news reports and expert articles dealing with all things social media. Facebook and Twitter are being used by officers to connect with each other, with the public, and with departments around the world, sometimes for fun and other times to help solve crimes.
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April 16, 2013

Law enforcement 2.0: How to build your virtual police department

An effective partnership with your community today means an awareness and a unique media presence - Full Story
April 05, 2013

Gangs rat selves out by bragging on Twitter

East Harlem has been cleared of 63 dangerous gangsters who openly incriminated themselves in slang-filled, misspelled postings on Twitter - Full Story
March 28, 2013

NYPD tells officers to keep social media clean

An internal order advises them to be careful with what they reveal online — even urging them not to disclose that they're on the force - Full Story
March 25, 2013

Mass. police broadcast 'what it takes to be a cop'

Videos that debut on the department's social media pages show what the life of a cop is like for aspiring recruits - Full Story
March 19, 2013

Wis. police create viral videos to catch criminals

The police captain hopes that spreading the faces of misdemeanor offenders will prompt more tips or people turning themselves in - Full Story
March 05, 2013
Photo: Officer hailed as 'hero' for helping woman in rain

Photo: Officer hailed as 'hero' for helping woman in rain

The photo was picked up by a news station hours later and became a viral hit - Full Story
February 25, 2013
NYPD tactics slash murder rate

NYPD tactics slash murder rate

One approach involves charging teen gang members with conspiracy, using taunts and threats they post on social-media sites - Full Story
February 21, 2013

Social media sites change investigation methods

Some criminals are posting about the crimes they commit, others post false leads - Full Story
February 08, 2013

FBI issues social media safety tips for law enforcement

Criteria broken down by retired by the assistant chief agent at the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center - Full Story
February 05, 2013

Philly DA asks Facebook to take down 'Kill rats' page

By Joseph A. Slobodzian The Philadelphia Inquirer PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia District Attorney... - Full Story

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