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Social Media for Cops

Social Media for Cops

In the Social Media for Cops section you’ll find news reports and expert articles dealing with all things social media. Facebook and Twitter are being used by officers to connect with each other, with the public, and with departments around the world, sometimes for fun and other times to help solve crimes.
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December 13, 2011

Police alerted to Ind. deaths by Facebook post

A woman called police after seeing a chilling Facebook posting - Full Story
December 11, 2011

NYPD Facebook probe raises free speech question

Internal affairs detectives are interviewing officers under oath and getting subpoenas for computer records - Full Story
December 08, 2011

Anonymous takes credit for LAPD info leak

Members of the group say they posted officers' home addreses and names of their children - Full Story
December 07, 2011

NYPD investigating officers' Facebook comments

The New York Times said it obtained a copy of postings made on the Facebook page, titled "No More West Indian Day Detail" - Full Story
December 07, 2011

Law enforcement learns to ‘like’ Facebook

Forays into social media manage to nab criminals in unexpected ways - Full Story
November 17, 2011

Cops shut down pedophile-catching 'superheroes'

A vigilante trio of teenagers filmed encounters with sexual predators - Full Story
November 17, 2011

Video: Stephen Colbert jabs at citizens filming cops

Citizen activist Jimmy Justice’s goal is 'exposing police misconduct' - Full Story
November 12, 2011

Police post Facebook crime tips to educate community

Crime reduction officer: Tips obvious, but surprising how people forget - Full Story
November 11, 2011

Watch: Police spoof video angers Calif. officials

The video pokes fun at police harassment - Full Story
November 08, 2011

Video: Cops can mimic the ‘dancing shoplifter’ YouTube clip to ID suspects

Police in New Jersey say that YouTube has helped them solve three recent cases - Full Story

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