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Social Media for Cops

Social Media for Cops

In the Social Media for Cops section you’ll find news reports and expert articles dealing with all things social media. Facebook and Twitter are being used by officers to connect with each other, with the public, and with departments around the world, sometimes for fun and other times to help solve crimes.
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March 07, 2012

Hacker helps FBI break into Anonymous, 4 charged

An influential computer hacker turned FBI informant led investigators to his former accomplices - Full Story
March 07, 2012

Chat room users may have seen fatal Neb. shooting

Police would like to know why the shooting wasn't reported sooner by someone in the chat room - Full Story
February 26, 2012
Ohio man given choice of Facebook apology or jail

Ohio man given choice of Facebook apology or jail

Mark Byron of Cincinnati is making the apology to avoid a 60-day prison term - Full Story
February 25, 2012

Facebook Forum: I want more training in...

Budgets are tight at agencies around the country, but pretend money isn't an issue - Full Story
February 24, 2012

NY Occupy protester's tweets at heart of privacy clash

Manhattan prosecutor wants to subpoena tweets sent by a demonstrator facing a disorderly conduct charge - Full Story
February 21, 2012

Calif. cops communicate better with online profiles

Police began posting arrest logs on the department's website in November and are now taking online initatives several steps further - Full Story
February 13, 2012

Video: SF officers reach out to gay youth

More than a dozen LGBT officers and dispatchers appeared in the 8 1/2-minute video released Friday, part of an effort to curb teen suicide - Full Story
February 10, 2012

Boston Police respond to hackers with satirical video

A video poking fun at the mishap is set to the same song hacker group 'Anonymous' put on the site in the meantime - Full Story
January 31, 2012

Chicago gangs rely on social media to communicate

Training book: Gang members communicate on the Web about shooting at police officers - Full Story
January 31, 2012

Facebook Forum: Your best career advice

By PoliceOne Staff We asked you on Facebook to tell us the best career advice you've ever received. Practically... - Full Story

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