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Social Media for Cops

Social Media for Cops

In the Social Media for Cops section you’ll find news reports and expert articles dealing with all things social media. Facebook and Twitter are being used by officers to connect with each other, with the public, and with departments around the world, sometimes for fun and other times to help solve crimes.
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Video: SF officers reach out to gay youth

More than a dozen LGBT officers and dispatchers appeared in the 8 1/2-minute video released Friday, part of an effort to curb teen suicide - Full Story


Boston Police respond to hackers with satirical video

A video poking fun at the mishap is set to the same song hacker group 'Anonymous' put on the site in the meantime - Full Story


Chicago gangs rely on social media to communicate

Training book: Gang members communicate on the Web about shooting at police officers - Full Story


Facebook Forum: Your best career advice

By PoliceOne Staff We asked you on Facebook to tell us the best career advice you've ever received. Practically... - Full Story


Cop's pot question wins Obama's video contest

A former law enforcement officer submitted a video that was voted the number one question Obama should answer in a live-streamed video chat scheduled for Monday evening - Full Story


On the Internet, silence cannot be misquoted

On the Internet, silence cannot be misquoted

I was speaking recently with a group of cops and the topic of Facebook came up. Each of us had at least one story about somebody we know/knew who had made an ill-advised post to the massive social networking service. - Full Story


Ariz. cop posts bullet-riddled Obama shirt on Facebook

The Secret Service will investigate the photo, which has been removed from Facebook but can be found on other sites - Full Story


On the Internet, silence cannot be misquoted Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief - 10-43: Be Advised...

On the Internet, silence cannot be misquoted

There have been occasions right here on PoliceOne that a comment has been posted we felt might be harmful to the person posting — we delete those whenever we find them - Full Story


Hacker group 'Anonymous' hits FBI

Anonymous explained via Twitter that the attack was in retaliation for the FBI's crackdown on Megaupload.com, alleged to be a source of online piracy - Full Story


Mom, son safe after 'dead by morning' Facebook post

Police in Utah arrested Troy Reed Critchfield, 33, and booked him into jail Saturday for investigation of charges including aggravated kidnapping, forcible sodomy - Full Story

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