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Social Media for Cops

Social Media for Cops

In the Social Media for Cops section you’ll find news reports and expert articles dealing with all things social media. Facebook and Twitter are being used by officers to connect with each other, with the public, and with departments around the world, sometimes for fun and other times to help solve crimes.
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Brutal attack on Ala. cop celebrated on social media

Bystanders took photos and uploaded them to social media, where the cop’s attacker was praised by commenters - Full Story


Police embrace their community through social media

National Fraternal Order of Police Conference discussed departments across the country utilizing social media - Full Story


Boston police commissioner wants law to push back on camera-toting cop watchers

Officials say filming can cause risks to both officers and community when there is a tense crime scene involved - Full Story


Video: Kan. police dashcam refutes claims of excessive force

A viral video alleged officers abused their power in an arrest, but police say dashcam footage refutes the claim - Full Story


Ky. sheriff's office asks drug dealers to turn in their rivals

A new poster going viral tells drug dealers it will help them eliminate their competition for free - Full Story


Texas jail releases more footage of Sandra Bland before her death

Police said they wanted to dispel rumors that she was dead before arriving in jail - Full Story


La. sheriff sends warning to thief

Crime stoppers makes viral videos with sheriff to let thieves know cops are on the way to arrest them

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