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Special Operations

Special Operations

The Special Operations topic explores issues related to K-9 officers, SWAT operators, homicide investigators, drug interdiction officers and other specialized police personnel. These law enforcement positions involve unique training, a specialized skill set, and a collection of challenges unique to that job.
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Feds arrest gang suspects in central Nebraska city

Numerous people were arrested as part of a multi-agency operation involving 120 federal and local law enforcement officers to combat gang recruitment - Full Story


Calif. police arrest 15 in sting aimed at rescuing teen prostitutes

'The main drive here is we're trying to save these kids,' says Hayward police Sgt. Keith Stiver - Full Story


Ga. police begin 18-wheeler crash crackdown

Safety Department officers are patrolling I-75 watching for vehicles traveling too closely to commercial trucks and trucks tailing vehicles - Full Story


The sweet sound of silence(ers) Jeff Hall - Zen and the Gunfighter

The sweet sound of silence(ers)

Among their many benefits, devices designed to muffle the report of a firearm help preserve hearing, improve operational ability, and simply make the coppers safer - Full Story


Lessons learned from the hostage incident at Discovery Channel Moe Greenberg - Detective's Notebook

Lessons learned from the hostage incident at Discovery Channel

The first words the hostage negotiators heard were, "I have a bomb strapped to my chest and I’m ready to die!" What would you do? - Full Story


2 Pa. officers attempt to steal drugs and money from undercover cop

2 Pa. officers attempt to steal drugs and money from undercover cop

"This is another embarrassment for our department, another in a long list, unfortunately" - Full Story


Fla. bank robbers strap bomb to abducted teller

A teller was kidnapped from his home by robbers who strapped a suspected bomb to his chest and used him to steal money - Full Story


Police coax NH man from home using ploy

Cops had the man's brother-in-law say he would bring him to a job site - Full Story


Largest parole sweep in LA County history

California has more than 100,000 parolees, and about a third of them live in Los Angeles - Full Story


Pa. cops bust 9 in airport-hotel prostitution stings

Police used Craigslist and newspaper advertisements to target hookers who frequent airport hotels - Full Story

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